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Contemporary Ukranian Art of 1985 - 2015 from Private Collection

5.11 - 15.12.2019

Modern Art Research Institute



Contemporary art accumulates viable and avant-garde ideas of the present and simultaneously projects introspective look at history, traditions and worldview. Our global strategy must be aimed not only at purchasing art, but rather at learning how to comprehend it, how to actually love it. So this is the main condition for creating contemporary museum of artworks from private collections', Ihor Abramovych  


Artists: Anatoly

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Donbas Paradise

4.12.2019 – 20.01.2020

Roman Minin

Boryspil International Airport


This exhibition brings together several of his acclaimed and, in my opinion, particularly important works. For example, the painting The Carpet of Promises explores relationships between citizens and the state, ever changing yet depressingly similar around the world. The painting The Ukrainian Mantra presents a singular alternative state symbol of contemporary Ukraine, especially when accompanied by the music the author found for the concept. His

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Media dependence. Ukranian version

20.11 - 12.12.2019

Artists: Oleg Tistol, Vasyl Tsagolov, Olexiy Sai, Stepan Ryabchenko, Andriy Sydorenko

Ukrainian House


To look at the world through the lens of a smartphone is a common thing for the modern people. This "filter" between us and the world has become an organic part of today. The photographic vision gave artists a new toolkit and a new approach to reality, which was embodied in works of visual art: from painting, graphics, sculpture and installations to media art.

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Le temps pour jeter les pierres

14.11 – 21.11.2019

Roman Minin

Museum Grand Curtius

Liège, Belgium


“This exhibition aims to give the audience a sensation, to point out the significance of the events that are happening today and will be decisive for the common Ukrainian and European future. It is likely that the time has come for decisive action, reform and transformation, battles and victories.

I wish to thank Liege, Grand Curtius Museum, the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Belgium and our partners for the

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Sculpture by the Sea

24.10 – 10.11.2019

Egor Zigura


Sydney, Australia


Sculpture by the Sea in Sydney, Australia, is one of the largest open-air exhibitions of sculpture worldwide. For a couple of weeks, this cult event transforms the Pacific coastal walk into a 2-km long sculptural park. The exhibition presents more than 100 sculptures by artists from around the globe. More than 400,000 viewers had visited the event last year.


The organizers had received more than 400 submissions from artists representing 31

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05.10 – 16.11.2019

Sergei Sviatchenko


Galerie Didier Devillez –  Stephan Marquardt & Gallery


Brussels, Belgium


The exhibition WE presents paintings from the series Modest desires beyond the mountains of joy and warmth, 2019 and photomontages of the former Citroën garage in Brussels. It also includes photomontages created from his studies of the natural environments of the Danish woodlands Nature Matter, 2017. These reflective works redraws the woodlands, pairing different

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Kyiv Investment Forum 2019


Mystetskyi Arsenal     Artists: Oleg Tistol, Sergei Sviatchenko, Stepan Ryabchenko, Roman Minin, Arsen Savadov, Victor Sydorenko, Yana Bystrova, Olexander Roytburd, Anatoliy Kryvolap, Egor Zigura.     This year's Kyiv investment forum which took place on September 17, 2019, focused on strategy of creation and development of the Kyiv agglomeration.

Ukrainian and international investors, representatives of foreign municipalities, local governments, the Kyiv business elite, IT and art communities attended
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Project “CRB LESS”


New Project.

Sergei Sviatchenko & Oleg Tistol 


Photo: Helen Ilienko


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Minin’g Charleroi

05.07 – 06.10.2019

Charleroi, Belgium

Le Bois du Cazier

The exhibition presents an exclusive bas-relief, a stained-glass window on the front door to one of the mine buildings, two stops with helmets of virtual reality, eight exhibits in augmented reality, large posters of paintings.


Studying Charleroi social programs and the mechanisms for their implementation, Roman noted that the city has extensive experience in overcoming the economic crisis. The study of useful cases may be needed for the native

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The Long Journey


Contemporary Ukrainian Art 1985 - 2004 from private collections

Within Kyiv Art Week 2019


Location: Institute of Contemporary Art

Address: Kyiv, str. Yevhen Konovalets, 18-D


Igor Abramovich

Yevgeny Bereznytsky

Alexander Solovyov


The main idea of ​​the project is to mark the configuration of the names of Ukrainian contemporary art: from its birth in the era of perestroika, through its "golden age" in the

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