60 years of Independence

21.08 - 21.09.2020

Oleg Tistol
The Korsaks Museum of Ukranian modern art
Tistol’s art, which was formed in the late Soviet and the early post-Soviet era, synthesized the...

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Strange Time

07.05.2020 – on going

Participants: Stepan Ryabchenko, Vasiliy Ryabchenko, Oleg Tistol, Vasiliy Tsagolov, Sergei Sviatchenko, Victor Sydorenko, Mykola Matsenko, Marina...

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Less festival of contemporary collage art

18.04 – 04.11.2020

Viborg, Denmark
LESS Festival of Contemporary Collage Art is part of Viborg cultural commitment as a member of UNESCO creative cities. LESS is founded by influential...

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Imprint. Ukrainian printmaking of the XX – XXI centuries

20.03 – 03.05.2020

Oleg Tistol
Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv
The Imprint project aims to show the existence of a continuous line of the transformation of Ukrainian engraving through tradition...

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The Artifical Pain

03.04. – 07.06.2020

Contemporary Art Centre ZnakiCzasu in Toruń, Poland
April 3rd was opened exhibition project The Artificial Pain at the Contemporary Art Centre ZnakiCzasu in Toruń, Poland...

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11.02 – 29.02.2020

Egor Zigura
Premier Vip Lounge Boryspil International Airport, Kyiv
The exhibition presents 8 selected works from the AfterToday project. The exposition is augmented by...

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Contemporary Ukranian Art of 1985 - 2015 from Private Collection

5.11 - 15.12.2019

Modern Art Research Institute

Contemporary art accumulates viable and avant-garde ideas of the present and simultaneously projects introspective look at...

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Donbas Paradise

4.12.2019 – 20.01.2020

Roman Minin
Boryspil International Airport
This exhibition brings together several of his acclaimed and, in my opinion, particularly important works. For example, the...

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Media dependence. Ukranian version

20.11 - 12.12.2019

Artists: Oleg Tistol, Vasyl Tsagolov, Olexiy Sai, Stepan Ryabchenko, Andriy Sydorenko
Ukrainian House
To look at the world through the lens of a smartphone is a common...

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Le temps pour jeter les pierres

14.11 – 21.11.2019

Roman Minin
Museum Grand Curtius
Liège, Belgium
“This exhibition aims to give the audience a sensation, to point out the significance of the events that...

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