05.10 – 16.11.2019

Sergei Sviatchenko


Galerie Didier Devillez –  Stephan Marquardt & Gallery


Brussels, Belgium


The exhibition WE presents paintings from the series Modest desires beyond the mountains of joy and warmth, 2019 and photomontages of the former Citroën garage in Brussels. It also includes photomontages created from his studies of the natural environments of the Danish woodlands Nature Matter, 2017. These reflective works redraws the woodlands, pairing different elements of nature and concrete forms to create a portrait of the fragile and elegant nature. This lenticular vision is echoed in Sviatchenko’s paintings, such as Dialogue of Days Silence, 2016, which present a rich dream of dark greens, deep browns and red hues, extracted from the forests and lakes recalled from his youth. To be noted also his famous collage series Less, 2008 – 2019, of which some works are also shown.